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Benefits of WillCo Tech's Flexible Framework

WillCo Tech’s CyberSTARTM solution is the largest Credentials Management and Cyber Workforce Compliance software system in use by the Federal Government. The WillCo Tech-developed software solution tracks training credentials and certifications for over 1 million active users.

WillCo Tech also develops custom software solutions and provides systems integration for:

  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies
  • Private sector companies

FISMA/DoD Directive 8140 Compliance

  • Agency-specific online assessment tool
  • Assess and identify the organization’s Cyber Workforce
  • Mapped to DoD Directive 8140 categories, specialty areas, and roles
  • Agency-specific mapping to courses and certifications
  • Assign agency-specific training requirements
  • Assign agency-specific certification requirements
  • Vouchers-On-Demand management system for voucher distribution and tracking

Centralized Governance and Oversight

  • Customized for each entity’s unique requirements
  • Customized reports for all levels of management 
  • Systems Integration with DMDC, FedVTE, SkillPort, and organizational databases
  • Integrates with DoD training providers
  • Integrates with commercial training vendors and IT training libraries
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