Defense Contractors

CyberSTAR Supports Defense Contractors

As a defense contractor ourselves, WillCo Tech understands the specific and unique challenges facing contractors working within the defense industrial base (DIB).

Defense contractors are mandated to follow and maintain the same compliance requirements as the Department of Defense (DoD), and while it might seem simple and straightforward, it’s anything but. Some of the most common issues defense contractors encounter when faced with DoD compliance audits include:

  • Regulations for training and workforce compliance change frequently
  • Contract requirements, deadlines, and expirations change frequently, making manual tracking extremely challenging
  • Contract compliance, while necessary, is costly and often inaccurate
  • RFP fulfillment can be complicated due to the lack of resources to uncover qualified personnel
  • CMMC and other regulations are increasing, while cyber concerns are being pushed from the government to the DIB, raising the stakes even more
  • Duplicate training wastes time, money, and resources for many Contractors

Like you, we’re mission-focused and security-conscious with the goal of successful contract fulfillment while simultaneously maintaining profitability.

Lack of compliance is something no contractor ever wants to have to address, but the unfortunate reality is that even our best efforts and policies can get thwarted without us even being aware. Whether it’s photoshopped training certificates, new or unknown subcontractors (and their lack of documented credentialing), or having to manage multiple training providers, hidden compliance threats like these persist in today’s environment.

Win More Contracts and Spend Less Time Fulfilling Them

WillCo Tech is the largest cyber credentials manager within the DoD, supporting over 1 million active users on our CyberSTAR platform.

Abiding by the adage, “Trust but Verify,” CyberSTAR offers defense contractors a platform that will:

  • Streamlines onboarding, removes data load issues
  • Minimizes human intervention to maintain compliance
  • Accurate reports and current operational picture
  • Consistent and validated data, automatic import to minimize human intervention
  • Compliance per contract/project across the entire workforce (including sub-contractors)
  • Stay up to date with the latest cyber and training regulations
  • Crowd-sources onboarding through enterprise authentication integration and maintains continuous compliance
  • System notifications and workflows designed to systematically maintain Continuous Compliance
  • 2-Click Training Compliance Reports

CyberSTAR offers out-of-the-box standard compliance with DoDD 8570, NICE, and is primed for 8140 readiness which saves contractors the hassle and cost of maintaining compliance regulation requirements.

Additionally, CyberSTAR acts as a skillset inventory asset that enables contract managers to quickly and easily find and fill contract personnel requirements.

CyberSTAR can integrate with most LMS systems and has established partnerships with all major industry training providers.

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