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Simplifying DoD 8140 for Defense Contractors

At WillCo Tech, we are acutely aware of the distinct challenges that our peers within the defense industrial base (DIB) encounter, not least because we navigate them ourselves. Ensuring compliance with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) evolving regulations is a task that can seem deceptively straightforward. Yet, in practice, it presents a complex maze of frequent changes in training and workforce regulations, shifting contract requirements with their deadlines and expiration dates, and the high costs and potential inaccuracies of maintaining contract compliance.

The complexities have deepened with the transition from DoD Directive 8570 to 8140, which has not only complicated compliance further but has also begun to emerge as a staple in contract requirements. The onus is now on contractors to provide “Qualified” personnel on demand with verifiable proof of their qualifications.

We recognize that contractors often grapple with costly duplications in training and the complications of RFP fulfillment due to a lack of information about staff qualifications. However, our mission-driven and security-centric ethos echoes yours, aiming for the seamless fulfillment of contracts without compromising on profitability.

To alleviate your burden, we’d like to introduce you to CyberSTAR – the very system we have embedded in our processes. Our system is not only geared with the intricate regulatory specifics you need but is also equipped with innovative features tailored specifically for Cyber Defense Contractors. This includes navigating the nuances of DoD 8140.03M implementation effortlessly and ensuring that you can swiftly provide the qualified personnel that contracts now require.

Embrace the ease of our COTS system that not only aligns with DoDD8140 but also simplifies compliance—a system already trusted and utilized by the DoD. Let CyberSTAR smooth out the complexities so you can remain mission-focused without getting entangled in the ever-changing web of compliance requirements.

Maximizing Profit Potential With Revenue-Boosting Software

Growing revenue from government Cyber contracts is a complex activity that requires specific details about contracts, positions, personnel, and qualifications. In CyberSTAR, accomplishing this requires the following:

Contracts and Positions

Contracts are defined as individual records, each containing a separate line item for each position with essential details (8570 or 8140).

  • 8570 requirements for each “Cyber” position, including 14 potential roles.
    • IAT Tech, IAM Mgmt, IASAE – S/W Arch (each w/ proficiency I-II).
    • CSSP 5 Specialty areas.
  • 8140.03 Defense Cyber Workforce Framework (DCWF) Work Roles,
    • 73 currently defined DCWF Work Roles.
    • Proficiency Level of 1, 2, or 3 defined for each work role.
  • Bill rate specified for each position.


Each member of your organization (or sub-contractor) will have an Individual record containing details on their work role history and their qualifications (certification, degree, training, etc).


8570 and 8140.03 define specific “Qualification Options” for each Work Role; this detail is built into our system through 200+ pre-defined Work Role records and a list of qualification options that satisfy that Work Role.

Comparing Contracts in the Revenue Growth Feature will Offer Insights Into:

  • List all the people (assigned or unassigned) in the organization that are qualified to fill a particular contract position.
  • Identify “Over-Qualified” individuals based on their current role and show where they would generate more revenue.
  • Identify Over-Staffed roles or situations where lower qualified individuals would suffice.

Stay Compliant and Win More Contracts with CyberSTAR

WillCo Tech is the largest cyber credentials manager within the DoD, supporting over 1 million active users on our CyberSTAR platform. Abiding by the adage, “Trust but Verify,” CyberSTAR offers defense contractors a platform that will:

  • Streamline onboarding and remove data load issues.
  • Minimize human intervention to maintain compliance.
  • Provide accurate reports and a current operational picture.
  • Offer consistent and validated data with automatic import to minimize human intervention.
  • Ensure compliance per contract/project across the entire workforce (including sub-contractors).
  • Keep you up to date with the latest cyber and training regulations.
  • Ease End-User access through enterprise authentication integration.
  • Implement system notifications and workflows designed to maintain Continuous Compliance systematically.
  • Provide 2-Click Training Compliance Reports.

CyberSTAR offers out-of-the-box standard compliance with DoDD 8570, NICE, and 8140.03M, saving contractors the hassle and cost of maintaining compliance regulation requirements. Additionally, CyberSTAR acts as a skillset inventory asset that enables contract managers to quickly and easily find and fill contract personnel requirements. It can integrate with most LMS systems and has established partnerships with all major industry training providers.

WillCo Tech’s CyberSTAR simplifies compliance and streamlines contract optimization, helping defense contractors win more contracts while spending less time fulfilling them.

Complete the simple needs assessment below and find out if CyberSTAR can help your organization with 8140.03M implementation today.

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