Workforce Compliance

Benefits of


CyberSTAR is highly customizable for public and private sector workforce credentials management, readiness and compliance programs. It integrates with training providers, commercial training vendors, and IT training libraries. Courses can be loaded into the system, which generates a training plan with the elements needed for compliance. Companies can also use their own criteria and assign specific training or certification requirements to their employees.

FISMA/8570/8140 Compliance

Automated records synchronization to/from 3rd party data sources.

Automates the monitoring, management and alerting for cyber workforce compliance and creates economies of scale.

Analytics related to manpower management, visibility and trend analysis.

Defense Training & Certification Tracking System


Identify the Cyber Workforce through the online assessment tool. It is designed to map individuals to the proper category and level designated by DoD 8140. Agencies can also use their own criteria. A profile is given to each system user.


Courses from DoD entities or commercial training vendors can be loaded into the CyberSTAR system. The system profile generates a training plan with the relevant courses needed for workforce compliance. Courses can be launched from CyberSTAR.


Certification exam vouchers can be imported, distributed, and managed. E-vouchers are assigned to users that are ready to take the exam. A voucher distribution system manages the process using a Voucher On Demand model.


Multiple reports can be generated at every level of the system hierarchy. Compliance data can be retrieved and reports generated at any time. Compliance results are placed in the proper database. Compliance parameters can be set by the organization.


CyberSTAR™  is engineered as a complete solution for FISMA, DoD 8570, DoD 8140, and other workforce training and compliance requirements. WillCo Tech creates custom compliance programs for client organizations using a unique combination of technology and thorough requirements definition with the client.


The unit structure will allow reporting through multiple channels. The dynamic hierarchy captures users at every level. Power User rights are given at each level to perform administrative functions throughout the organization. The CyberSTAR™ managers can monitor and manage workforce compliance.


Relevant data elements are collected and data is exchanged with many databases in near real-time. DMDC, FedVTE, SkillPort, external non-DoD sources, and other training databases can be automatically updated for compliance verification.