The Army Training & Certification Tracking System (ATCTS)

Target the Right Training
to the Right People


The United States Department of the Army (DA) is one of the three military departments within the United States’ Department of Defense. Their cybersecurity workforce focuses on all Department of Defense information systems and networks, ensuring adequate security measures are in place. To stay up to date and relevant within the everchanging cybersecurity landscape, the Department needs to create a well-trained, qualified and cyber-ready workforce.


In 2006, Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) came to WillCo Tech to pilot a software platform that supported their Army Training and Certification Program. They were looking for a turnkey solution that could maintain the Department’s cybersecurity compliance on an ongoing basis.

The platform must:
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Utilizing our proprietary CyberSTAR™ technology, WillCo Tech was able to customize the platform specifically for the U.S. Army, and the resulting program took on the name “Army Training & Certification Tracking System” or ATCTS.

Through an online assessment tool, each user is mapped to an auto-generated, annual training plan with the relevant courses needed to remain compliant. Users oversee their own training, but managers can monitor and maintain their department’s compliance through regular reporting and administration.


Compliant in DODD 8570, DODD 8140, NIST NICE

Covers military, civilian, and contractors

Includes Army minimum training (AMT) requirements

Can operate within a secure environment or dedicated instance

Customizable to meet the specific needs of the government or military agency


The pilot was an immediate success. ATCTS went from a 1,000-person model to a 1 million user compliance program for all Army cyber security users. The Army purchased their own enterprise license, resulting in the largest cybersecurity compliance platform maintained through a single source contract.

This effective tool has allowed Army managers to:

Today the US Army has the most accurate and comprehensive cyber workforce reporting across the DoD.

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