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Founded in 2005, WillCo Tech works to enhance national security and force readiness for military and commercial enterprises with a suite of software capabilities surrounding the human element of cybersecurity.

For more than 15-years, WillCo Tech’s proprietary CyberSTAR™ platform has served and continues to serve as the largest cybersecurity compliance and readiness platform utilized by the federal government and the Department of Defense (DoD). White-label branded as ATCTS (Army Training & Certification Tracking System) by the U.S. Army, CyberSTAR actively supports over 1 million active users.

CyberSTAR™ automates the monitoring, management, and alerting for cyber workforce credentials and compliance and is the only DoDD 8140 compliant platform contracted for use within the Department of Defense. The platform includes an online assessment tool designed to map personnel qualifications to DoD designated categories, specialty areas, and roles.

ATCTS Presentation with Instructor


CyberSTAR is highly customizable for public and private sector compliance programs. It integrates with DoD training providers, commercial training vendors, and IT training libraries. Courses can be loaded into the system, which generates a training plan with the elements needed for compliance.


WillCo Tech headquarters is located in Akron, Ohio.
Telephone: (816) 842-6262


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