Cyber security concerns for your workforce?​

Today’s business environment is widely integrated with digital and information technologies. Networks, devices, programs, and data are continuously collecting or transmitting data, some of which may be sensitive and confidential. It’s essential for businesses to be aware of these risks and know what to do to keep data safe and protected from unauthorized access, outright attacks, or damaging events. 

Security risks in cyberspace are a growing threat, and certain types of organizations are at increased risk for cyber attacks. Government agencies, military installations, banks, hospitals and healthcare, and educational institutions are common targets for cyber criminals.

It’s important for companies to be aware of the risks from hackers, viruses, bots, spying, and penetration attempts, and have people and processes in place to mitigate risk and keep cybercriminals out of their systems. 

Cybersecurity personnel are an essential part of the team to protect businesses from hackers and keep data safe. WillCo Tech not only supports the certifications and qualification credentials management of this knowledgeable workforce, but also offers additional candidates and staffing through our partners:

Military Hire

An industry leading military veteran recruiting site.  The world’s best cyber security professionals come from the US Military, and Military Hire provides a portal to potential employers to find and hire those veterans.

The Department of Defense relies on us to keep its workforce in compliance and trained to defend against the world’s most sophisticated cyber threats.