CyberSTAR NOW is built using the latest ServiceNow development tools, and is available to download and run on your ServiceNow instance.

It is the same advanced cybersecurity compliance and readiness solution used by large military commands, small fourth estate DoD agencies, contractors, and commercial organizations to assign, attain and maintain the current 8140 qualifications for their cyber workforce.

  • Out-of-the-box mapping to cyber standards: NIST NICE, DoDD 8570, DoDD 8140
  • Adherence to the new 8140.03M requirements
  • Automated training integration for known providers
  • Continuous compliance and on-demand reporting
  • Expertise Management (cyber posture, forecasting, recruiting) and planning

Benefits of CyberSTAR NOW

Increased Return on Your ServiceNow Investment

We built a version of our CyberSTAR application for 8140/DCWF tracking to run natively on the ServiceNow’s Now Platform®. CyberSTAR NOW extends your existing ServiceNow solution by expanding it to satisfy existing needs in new business areas.

Why Did We Build CyberSTAR NOW

The process for tracking the alignment of cyber users to associated DCWF work roles and the tracking of required qualifications (Training, Certifications, Degree, etc.) defined in the 8140.03 DoD Manual is an ideal fit for ServiceNow’s native feature set.

Also, deploying applications using your existing ServiceNow instance allows agencies and contractors to leverage all implemented and approved security controls (RMF, STIG, etc.) native to your ServiceNow instance, so you don’t need to duplicate that effort for deployment in another cloud.

Streamlined Security Operations

Organizations can now centralize and streamline their compliance and readiness management by integrating CyberSTAR NOW into their ServiceNow ecosystem. CyberSTAR NOW utilizes ServiceNow’s robust workflow automation capabilities to enable end-to-end talent management and attain compliance with the new 8140.03M directive. Security managers can efficiently track and prioritize personnel, teams, divisions and ensure compliance with contracts. This integration eliminates silos between cyber users, managers, and administrators.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The integration of CyberSTAR with ServiceNow brings significant efficiency gains to cyber security operations. By consolidating compliance-related tasks and data within a single platform, agencies can eliminate manual and repetitive processes, reducing the risk of manual errors and improving overall productivity. Additionally, the integration enables the automation of routine compliance tasks, allowing managers to focus on higher-value activities, such as strategic planning, upskilling, and cross-training.

Proactive Cyber Compliance Measures

One of the key advantages of CyberSTAR in the ServiceNow Marketplace is its ability to enable proactive cyber compliance measures. The solution leverages advanced notification features, ensuring that cyber personnel are current and current with all training requirements. By providing real-time insights into the organization’s security posture, CyberSTAR empowers security teams to identify and address potential training gaps before they are exposed in an audit.

Scalability and Flexibility

The ServiceNow Marketplace provides a scalable and flexible platform for deploying CyberSTAR across organizations of varying sizes and industries. Whether it is a small agency or a large contractor, CyberSTAR NOW can adapt to the unique 8140 compliance requirements and growth trajectories of different organizations. The solution can be customized and extended using ServiceNow’s extensive ecosystem of plugins and integrations, ensuring seamless integration with existing cloud or premise-based infrastructure.

Simplified Compliance Management

Compliance with industry regulations and 8140.03M compliance standards is critical to any agency’s cybersecurity human capital management strategy. CyberSTAR NOW, integrated with ServiceNow, simplifies compliance management by providing a centralized platform for tracking and managing compliance-related activities. The solution offers pre-built templates and workflows for 8140 regulatory requirements, enabling “at-a-glance” dashboards and on-demand reports for easy management and insight.

*Disclaimer* CyberSTAR NOW is optimized to serve a maximum of 1000 users

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