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WillCo tech Case Study

Federal Security Agency Transforms Cyber Workforce Management with CyberSTAR

A Case Study



Executive Summary

A team of 5-8 people within a prominent federal security agency had been manually tracking DoDD 8570 compliance for approximately 5,000 users. The agency was informed that it would soon be merging with two other agencies, increasing the user count to 15,000. Agency leadership actively discussed concerns about the compliance team’s ability to handle such an increase in workload; up to 16 additional team members could be required, but confidence in data accuracy was not high even with these added resources. Adding to the challenge, leadership was also anticipating the migration to DoDD 8140.02, which would dramatically change management processes and increase the complexity of compliance tracking requirements. The agency reached out to WillCo Tech, hoping its CyberSTAR platform could help manage the transition.

Not only was the CyberSTAR platform able to help manage the transition to 8140, but once implemented, it reduced the total management time of the current 5,000 user base from 185 to 30 hours per week. Additionally, agency leadership could more accurately forecast the number of compliance officers needed on staff to manage the additional 10,000 users added during the merger.

The agency simultaneously realized savings in staffing and salaries while also freeing up cyber workers at a time when the DoD is struggling with a severe workforce shortage and a directive to enable a rotational workforce. In addition to achieving 8570 compliance, CyberSTAR enables 8140.02 compliance before the directive is formally announced and prepares them to participate in the forthcoming Cyber Rotational program signed by Biden in late June 2022 — with no additional effort.


  • Alleviated the need for new hires to manage increased workforce compliance management requirements at significant staffing and salary savings
  • Improved accuracy and real-time reporting of compliance data for a large agency with growing complexity
  • Enabled compliance officers to focus on higher-value activities of upskilling and recruitment, moving beyond compliance and into organizational improvement


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