DCSA Deploys CyberSTAR for Compliance, Readiness, and Expertise Management



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Akron, Ohio-based WillCo Tech has been contracted by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) for the enterprise-wide deployment of CyberSTAR.

Through a collaboration with Deloitte & Microsoft Azure, the CyberSTAR platform will now enable DCSA to further cyber expertise management across the organization.

DoDD 8140 is right around the corner. Ensuring compliance to the new standard will be necessary but more importantly, CyberSTAR will enable organizations like DCSA to fully embrace all aspects of expertise management.

The U.S. Army, which has deployed a customized version of the CyberSTAR platform, was recently praised by the office of the CIO inspector general for its adherence to existing DoD directive 8570. DSCA will now not only boast the same but will also be doing so with an eye to the future. Many agencies are looking ahead at the required complex cybersecurity workforce regulations, and recognize how critical it is to our national security.

CyberSTAR will help DCSA and other government agencies (and contractors) develop their cyber workforce beyond compliance. CyberSTAR can directly influence and impact cyber workforce development through deliberate planning, training, cross-training, and upskilling, all with on-demand transparency.

About WillCo Tech

Founded in 2005, WillCo Tech works to enhance national security and force readiness for military and commercial enterprises with a suite of software capabilities surrounding the human element of cybersecurity.

WillCo Tech’s proprietary CyberSTAR platform continues to serve as the largest cybersecurity compliance and readiness platform utilized by the federal government and the Department of Defense (DoD), actively supporting over 3 million registered DoD users.

About DCSA

DCSA is the security agency in the federal government dedicated to protecting America’s trusted workforce and trusted workspaces — real or virtual. DCSA joins two essential missions: Personnel Vetting and Critical Technology Protection, supported by Counterintelligence and Training, Education and Certification functions. DCSA services over 100 federal entities, oversees 10,000 cleared companies and conducts approximately 2 million background investigations each year.