Chris Will to Lead Commercial Expansion at WillCo Tech

Christopher Will WillCo Tech


Akron, Ohio—WillCo Tech, a pioneer in federal cyber workforce expertise management through its flagship platform CyberSTAR, is excited to announce the appointment of Christopher Will as the Director of Commercial Solutions. Chris will be pivotal in extending WillCo Tech's comprehensive cyber workforce compliance management solutions beyond the federal realm into the defense industrial base and commercial sectors.

With a rich cybersecurity education and workforce development background, Chris brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at leading educational companies and innovative startups. His career is marked by significant contributions to developing and delivering cutting-edge cyber education, training, and certification solutions across government agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD), higher education institutions, and enterprise customers.

Chris has successfully crafted superior user experiences through diverse modalities, including virtual labs, boot camp training, e-learning, performance-based assessment, and game-based training. Notably, he developed the Information Systems Security and Assurance Series, an acclaimed academic cyber curriculum that received the NIST 4011 and 4013A CAE designation. This series was groundbreaking for introducing the first SAAS "hands-on" labs in the academic market.

At Comtech, Chris led the rebranding and expansion of the cyber brands CyberStronger and CYBRScore, focusing on performance-based cybersecurity labs, courseware, and skills assessments. His strategic leadership in sales, product management, and marketing significantly propelled the brands' growth and market capture in various domestic and international sectors.

A Cleveland native, Chris Will holds a degree from the University of Virginia and is currently based in the DC-Baltimore region.

"Chris's profound expertise in cybersecurity education and his visionary approach to workforce development are exactly what we need to drive our expansion into the commercial markets," said WillCo Tech President Marling Engle. "His track record of innovation and leadership in the field will greatly enhance our offerings and our ability to meet the growing needs of our clients in the defense industrial base and beyond."

WillCo Tech continues to lead the way in cybersecurity compliance and readiness, supporting military and commercial enterprises with its CyberSTAR™ platform. With Chris Will at the helm of Commercial Solutions, the company is poised for even greater success in empowering the cyber workforce and enhancing national security.

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